Rebates and Incentives

Build your bottom line with energy rebates, and earn incentives with energy-efficient practices.

When you make energy-efficient changes to your business, you can earn rebates and incentives from KCP&L. But just as important, those changes pay you back in lasting value. You’ll see it in the amount of energy you save every month. And that improves your bottom line.

We offer a variety of energy-efficiency rebates and programs to suit your business’s unique needs.

Tank and industrial machinery

Business Energy Rebates – Standard

Choose from our standard list of energy-efficiency measures to receive rebates. Pre-approval not required
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Business Energy Efficiency Rebates - Custom

Business Energy Rebates – Custom

Earn rebates for customized energy-efficiency measures. Pre-approval required.
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Nest Thermostat


Ensure a comfortable climate—while reducing your energy bill up to 20%.

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Two work colleagues examining energy usage chart

Demand Response Incentive

Earn incentives when you agree to reduce electricity usage by specific amounts during peak usage times.

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Solar panels

Solar and Renewable Energy for Business

Earn credits on your monthly bill when you generate renewable energy.
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Kansas customers

Although many of our programs apply only to Missouri customers, we’re working hard to offer Kansas customers the same opportunity to save. In the meantime, Energy Analyzer can help you better understand your energy use and find customized tips to save. Log in to your online account to begin.