Lighting and Controls Rebates

For businesses looking to improve their bottom line, sometimes all it takes is one bright idea.

Upgrading to LEDs or other high-efficiency lighting offers an easy way to enhance the comfort, safety, productivity and visual appeal of your facility—in addition to significant long-term energy and maintenance cost savings. With a variety of standard rebates and financing available to help get you started, your light bulb moment could come sooner than you think.



Modern, high-efficiency lighting uses far less energy, lasts years longer and offers exceptional light quality compared to outdated or less-efficient options. Additional cost-saving features like dimmability and instant-on capabilities allow for increased efficiency and convenience with the integration of occupancy and daylight controls.




Standard rebates are available for upgrades to the existing facilities of any current KCP&L commercial customer located in Missouri. Pre-approval is not required. For full eligibility details, see the standard lighting application


Equipment categories eligible for standard rebates include:

Don’t miss out

91%* of the business energy efficiency rebate funds for KCP&L in Missouri have been allocated. Work with an authorized contractor to meet the deadlines below and wrap up your qualified project before funds run out.  

Best practice to secure funding is to get your project(s) completed ASAP. Remember, equipment purchased during this cycle must be installed with paperwork submitted by March 15, 2019. 

By March 15, 2019

  • Install complete for qualifying equipment
  • Submit complete application along with required supporting documentation

Average of funds allocated for GMO (85%) and KMO (97%) customers as of February 1, 2019

How to get started

I would highly recommend KCP&L’s rebate program to other property management firms. It’s very simple, and they’re easy to work with. Projects that didn’t make financial sense before made sense with the rebate.”

Tom Corso, Vice President of Operations 
MC Realty Group 
Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas customers: Although many of our incentives apply only to Missouri customers, we’re working hard to offer Kansas customers the same opportunities to save. In the meantime, Energy Analyzer can help you better understand your energy use and find customized saving tips. Log in to your online account to begin.